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A life free from the effects of trauma and PTSD?

Sometimes all it takes is a single conversation.
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Rapid Resolution Therapy

A unique approach

Traumatic experiences change how the brain responds to and detects threats. Often the impacts of trauma show up in maladaptive coping strategies and unwanted symptoms like anxiety and depression.

For people who have experienced a traumatic event, the fears associated with the trauma tend to live on and rule their lives. The impacts of trauma start to impede on every part of their daily existence and typically leaves them feeling like they have no way out.

Rapid Resolution Therapy can reverse the impact of trauma in just one session.


Rapid Resolution Therapy

What people are saying

“I’m in a good place and feel much better.”

“The anxiety dropped and I was so happy that I felt fine.”

“Her body language changed quite positively as she regained her normal self-confidence.”

“Thank you for releasing me from my prison and giving me a sense of joy which was fast disappearing.”

“He has been in such a positive mood since he left you and he is doing things which he would never have done a few weeks ago. We can’t thank you enough.”

Make shift happen!

Traditional therapy methods such as CBT can be time consuming, taking many weeks or even years, and require you to keep revisiting the traumatic event.

In some cases, these therapy methods don’t get to the heart of the matter and you still have to cope with the ongoing effects of the trauma.

If you are dealing with preoccupations such as anxiety and depression, you can experience breakthroughs with this accelerated healing method. Rapid Resolution Therapy is gentle and painless. Symptoms and root causes are eliminated without reliving traumatic events or pain from the past.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is quick and lasting. Individuals report an immediate sense of peace, clarity, and energy. Desired change can happen in just one session, and is preferred over spending long periods of time in traditional therapy.

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